M.A.B. Activities in 1997

13th Tokyo Vocal Ensemble Contest(TVEC)

Renaissance and Baroque division
Feb. 15, 1997 at VARIO Hall

M.A.B.10th anniversary 3rd concert
"Shyunie(Japanese Buddhist music) and Organum"

-- Trace the origin of Eastern and Western sacred music --

Feb. 22,23, 1997 at Kid Airac Art Hall

M.A.B. Soloists will challenge to dig the origin of the European sacred music and Japanese sacred music.

"Organum" is a kind of sacred music in the medieval era. The prominent characteristic of the music is that the basis of the melody is Gregorian chant and new melodies are supplemented upon the melody. Organum is very important sort of music to trace the genesis of polyphonic music. Moreover, the music is very attractive so it give men of today fresh impression.

"Shyunie" is ritual function which has been held over 1000 years in "Todai-ji" Temple in Japan and the function has the musical rite named "Shyoumyou" (pray with voice) with "Jyuzu" (an utensil of sermon which sounds clattering) and "Horagai" (a kind of trumpet made of conch). Shibata Minao who is the composer of "Shyunie San" wrote the piece that is derived from the ritual "Shyunie" just as it is and the piece expresses the whole function of the "Shyunie" itself.

This is our first experience performing these two kinds of early music in one time, so we can not imagine what kind of inspiration will be arise even to ourselves so as to audience. The concert is most aggressive approach in our performing history, so please come to the concert and feel the new world with us.

Kid Airac Art Hall
19:00 on February 22nd in 1997
14:00 on February 23rd in 1997
17:00 on February 23rd in 1997


  1. Organum collection in medieval European era
  2. Shibata Minao
    From "Shyunie San"
    (transcript the praising to "Shyunie")

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