Josquin Des Prez

La deploration sur la mort de Johannes Ockeghem

(Lament on the death of Johannes Ockeghem)

Poem written by Jean Molinet( in French ) and Introit( in Latin )
Published 1508
Playing Time 5 minutes and a half
Parts 5 parts (CT,T,T,B,B)

Comments The piece was written on Ockeghem's death. The text was written by Jean Morine t lament on the death of Johannes Ockeghem. The cantus filmus part was taken from Gregorian Chant Requiem aeternam.

In this poem, the great composers' names of the Josquins' generation, Josquin, Brumel, La Rue and Compere were mentioned. The piece has the lamentable expression in its beauty forms. (Miyauchi)

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