Leos Janacek

Marycka Magdonova

Poem written by Petr Bezruc (in Czech)
Published 1980
First Playing 1908
Playing Time about 8 minutes
Parts 4 parts (T,T,B,B)

Comments This piece is one of his masterpieces, comparable with ``Kantor Halfar'' or ``Sedmesat tisic''. However, the piece is the best one among them. The text tells the suicide process of an unfortunate girl Marycka. Texture of narration is used to the greatest extent as possible, and the texture makes the music marvelous dramatic.

Characteristic of the music is that some verses are sung concurrently. The mixture of verses express many aspects of emotion which is taggled with and the characteristic govern the drama. In climax, passion explodes like a storm tagged through and the passion makes this piece extraordinary attractive. (Miyauchi)

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