Guillaume Dufay

Nuper Rosarum Flores

(Recently garlands of roses)

Poem Introit etc.(in Latin)
Playing Time 6 minutes and a half
Parts 4 parts(T,T,B,B)

Comments This is a motet written for the celebration of the consecration of Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral on March 25th in 1436. Isorhythm pattern is strictly used and this is the most famous and greatest masterpiece in his writing.

The cantus filmus parts are taken from the introit Terribilis est locus iste and repeated 4 times with different measures. The proportion of the measures correspond to the proportion of the nave, the crossing, the apse, and the height of arch in the cathedral. From this setting we can understand that the composer tries to harmonize the music and the cathedral in archtectural point of view. (Miyauchi)

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