The reason of named M.A.B.

We could find the origin of the word ``M.A.B.'' as the word ``mabu'' or ``maji'' in Japanese which was a word that's going around among Chor Kleines about a half year, before we organized M.A.B.. ( Chor Kleines, which was established in 1964, is the largest and most famous mixed college chorus group in Tokyo.) The meaning of ``mabu'' or ``maji'' is ``really?'' in English. When we tried to do something we often used ``mabu'', and especially we named ``mabu'' when we organized new groups among Chor Kleines. This fashion made new meaning of ``mabu'' hazily, and in this movement, we organized the male chorus group. That is why it was very natural for us to name our group from ``mabu''. In Japan, many chorus groups named themselves ``X.X.X. Male Choir'' or so, and we also followed these manner and decided our group named Tokyo Institute of Technology M.A.B. Male Choir.

Many people asked us the question ``What is the meaning of M.A.B.''. However M.A.B. is not abbreviation but it came from a pronunciation of ``mabu''. Many ancient myths say that word made the world ripe, the name ``M.A.B.'' also has been bring up its' meaning as time goes by and makes the group marvelous.

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