Sweat shirt theory

If we decide something by whole of our members, many ideas come upon and several ideas has superior to the others in some aspects. Then we try to put together good aspects of several ideas. In this process we sometimes compromise these ideal aspects and the conclusion is apt to no ideal ones to each of our members. However this is an conclusion which we made, then we comply with the conclusion even if anyone skeptical abot it. This theory is defined by M.A.B. and we usually use it not to fall into the condition. The naming of ``Sweat shirt theory'' Many Japanese Chorus group made their original sweat shirts and wore on stage even if many member are not positive to make or wear sweat shirts. They get together and talk about the wearing on stage, they usually have many ideas and put together these ideas' ideal aspects and talk about it over and over, then finally they find their conclusion as wearing sweat shirts because wearing their original sweat shirts have passable for everyone even though not ideal one. That is why we named the theory as ``Sweat shirt theory''.