Our whole history

We organized male chorus group on December in 1985, and we planned to perform music at Christmas reception event however we canceled it. That is the reason that we call the concert as "1st periodical concert in a vision". On January in 1986, some of the members planned to perform music at 1st Tokyo Vocal Ensemble Concert (TVEC) and we got more members again. At this point, Tokyo Institute of Technology M.A.B. Male Choir were organized. In later, we performed several concerts in chance, however we temporary terminated our concert activities at 2nd TVEC on February in 1987.

About two years later, we reorganized the group and performed a music written by Takehiko Tada (who is a famous composer for male chorus) at Christmas reception event. This piece is the one which we intend to perform at the "1st periodical concert in a vision". In those days, we named our group as Tokyo Institute of Technology U.M.A.B Senior Choir. The abbreviation 'U' means Un-dead. Next year, we attended 4th TVEC, held in 1989. In those days we hoped vaguely to continue the group.

In May 1989, many members graduated Tokyo Institute of Technology, so we renamed the group as M.A.B. Soloists and we became a member in Tokyo Chorus League. After renaming, we attended many contest events, such as chorus festivals or opening concert of Tokyo Metropolitan of Art, and we recorded new chorus piece, etc. In 1991 we held our original concert named "Other Times Other Manners" and this was in a news as a new chorus concert style.

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